Movistar Rally 3D : Free Nokia Games

| 2010/06/27

Movistar Rally 3D : Free Nokia Games

3D racing game. Very well worked, with great graphics and interface. From creators 3D MotoRacing With excellent sound and good control. There are many different routes and machines. In the archive of 2 files.

The first – demonstration of the possibilities of cursor and game itself. The second – game itself, route and so forth to Flight to mode works wonderfully. In order to switch transfer, it is necessary to let go gas and to harvest again.

Compatible With Following Models: 7650,7600,3620,3660,6260,650,6600,7650,7610,3620, 3660,6260,6630,7600,NGage,6680,6681,2300, 8800,3650,6600,7650,7600,6630,7600,6670,7610, N-Gage,3620,3660,6680,6260,6630,7600,6670,7610, NGage,6680,6681,3650,6600

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Download: 3D Rally Movistar (486.41 KB)

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