TTpod Music Player 3.20 (Nokia)

| 2018/02/08

TTpod Music Player 3.20 :  Nokia Application

3.2.0 the latest features:

1. Significant increase good quality

2. Online with free streaming song words search

3. Bluetooth mail songs for a friends

Several. Provide figures for menus shortcuts, open recption menus not until necessary, in accordance with figures throughout the bond can select recption menus products

5. Each skin will surely have their very own skin the EQ

Some. Increase tone options, you are able to choose if you should allow QQ firmness

7. Increased sleep power down options don’t have to trouble your sleep mode

8. Changed 6600 about the issue of installment

The standard function:

1. Listing player software support, directory players. Everyday sounds including support WMA MP3 OGG audio participant

2. Be convenient regarding assortment of playlists, delete, modify, as well as other management

3. Single routine can all cycle, as well as random approach to play your selected songs broadcast

4. Software applications support Show song details.

5. Everyday sounds software directly marking the strategies, user-friendly, and arranged many unique features shortcuts

6. Employ process must first look into their unique music library, the product sounding songs combined with the specific playlist daily in

7. Program daily sounds not your lyrics show

8. Application gives a sleep mode, using your sleep time will not likely neglect the players and power down the usage of cellular phone battery depletion

Searching for. Everyday sounds also offered say for example a key-lock keyboards, travel alarms, and also other functions

11. Support alternative skin

12. Completely handle the matter of player cd garbage characters

13. Aimlessly chosen songs and websites of local players

18. Support custom equalizer, but many preset equalizer style, including trend, dance, flat, overweight striper

15. Provide songs ID3 Regulations, will no longer has trouble trash characters

Language: CH, EN

Htc 3230/3650/6260/6600/6630/6620/6670/6680/6681/6682/


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