Total Commander (Android)

| 2017/11/11

Total Commander : Free Android Applications

Copy, Move whole subdirs
Inplace rename, create dirs
Delete (no trash can)
Zip and unzip, unrar
Properties dialog, change attributes
Built-in text editor
Search function (also for text)
Select/unselect categories of files
Select by tapping on file icons
Listing of installed Apps (built-in plugin)
FTP client (plugin)
WebDAV (Web folders) (plugin)
LAN access (plugin)
Root support for that main functions
Send files via Bluetooth (OBEX)
Thumbnails for pictures
Two panels alongside, or virtual two panel mode
Bookmarks as with Total Commander
Directory history through dropdown list
Configurable button bar for changing directories, internal commands, launching apps, and sending shell commands
Simple help function in English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Czech
Supported languages from the main program: English, German, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Ukrainian and Swedish

What’s new in 1.0 rc1
Initial release on (older beta versions can be found via our forum)
Notify media library (e.g. for media player) about copied, moved, renamed, downloaded and unpacked files
Open files as zip files even when they do not possess the .zip extension (e.g. .jar)
Parameter %M for first selected file in other panel
Internal “Installed Apps” plugin: Show version number and SD-card status in name, show install date+time

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Download: Total Commander (650.96 kB)

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