KMS Anti virus : Free Nokia Mobile Applications

| 2011/03/15

KMS Anti virus : Free Nokia Mobile Applications



1.Install KMS v9.3.79
2.Open program and exit.
3.Activate the patch Open For All, you can use rompatcher
4.Go to C: \ \ private \ 20028DDF
Rename the folder 20028DDF (like this 20028DDF1).
5.Open settings.kls, search and enter the hex 3a3b, you can use HxD Hex editor or x-plore, we find the right line is what we need. Now, after the value 3a 3b recorded there is 14 blocks of values in my case is 44 46 5a 27 34 21 31 45 57 56 43 4a 52 f7, we have got 14 pairs of numbers / letters. Write them allto notepad. its value depends onour IMEI, so that should be different between one another
6.Open file downloaded settings.kls like above, replace value after 3a 3b (58 58 58 58 5858 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58) withvalue that we have recorded before, save then
7.Just copy edited downloaded settings.kls on the path C: \ \ private \ 20028DDF1, overwritethe original.
8.Rename the folder from 20028DDF1 in 20028DDF
9.Done and enjoy


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Download: KMS Anti virus (688.78 kB)

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