IDesk Software : Free Nokia Mobile Application

| 2017/12/04

IDesk Software : Free Nokia Mobile Application


Theme maker comments:Credit to everyone who’s app/theme/wallpapers/icons/etc have been used.

Thank you for making this possible!

This pack includes the following:

-GDesk 0.33d for 5800 (fully compatible portrait mode gdesk)
-Plugins for GDesk
-Iphone Dark 5th Edition Dsma Theme
-iDesk-5800.gdd theme and Five wallpapers that are suited for it.

FIRST OF ALL, to install the unsigned sis file of gdesk and its plugins,
you need to have either a certificate from OPDA, or your 5800 should be hacked.
Otherwise, you will get the Certificate ERROR.
To get a certificate, search google for OPDA CERT.
Please don’t ask me about signing the sis files or certificate error.

Install Gdesk and all included plugins.

Install the provided iPhone 5th Dsma theme and select it from your phone default themes.

Copy the GDD file to your memory card too.
Open GDesk, touch anywhere, choose DESIGN>> LOAD DESIGN and select the iDesk-5800.gdd from your memorycard.

To change wallpaper, Click anywhere, DESIGN>> SET DESKTOP>> SET IMAGE and choose the wallpaper.

The screenshots were taken from my phone, i have made this after seeing how awesome the gdesk app is! Works really well on the 5800!

Oh and you can go into design mode and Edit the theme as you wish! Add pages, change apps, do whatever! Its fully open source!

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Download: IDesk Software (3.52 MB)

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