Hack Proof Password Manager (Nokia)

| 2018/02/13

Hack Proof Password Manager : Nokia Application

I have already been looking for the best application that will store information and guarded by simply password. I’m certain that there are some of these around but that one is completely free. It’s called Hack Resistant Password Manager. Determined by the name, it’s hacked proof, though I can’t it prove personally, I’ll believe what they say correctly.

When you initially insert the app, it’ll request a security password, that can become the perfect global pass word. Meaning, should you or another person efforts to sign in and doesn’t have in mind the password, the one other choice is to erase all files or quit the application. The interface about this application is user-friendly. Under options you can, delete boost information. You are able to improve your password, and foreign trade and import important computer data report. You may also receive the option selection once you double click along with hold data under articles list.

There are tons from which to choose in terms of adding data type. Some of them are checking account, email info, combination lock and circle login. It even offers general purpose, that we believe could be use to set several personal notes. It is a lot of info that you could select when introducing information to your kind of information. Besides password, account quantity, pin code. There are many far more that could be use to feedback data. The app is scheduled to seal after certain quantity of your energy not good, although it’s not configurable. My prediction is around two minutes.

I do believe overall this application is definitely a powerful and useful. It could be use to save information as well as it’s free.

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Download: Hack Proof Password Manager (75.9 kB)

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