Centrl v1.0 : Free mobile applications

| 2010/03/04

Centrl v1.0 : Free mobile applications

{Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Ning, Orkut, Bebo, Twitter and Friendster}


Centrl is a location-based social network that helps you get money-saving offers, keep in touch with friends and access many useful data layers such as restaurant reviews, interesting places, events, etc. around you.

Centrl is easy to use: You can login to Centrl from your existing social-network; no new account and no new profile to create. Centrl has applications in Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Ning, Orkut, Bebo and Friendster. And Centrl is integrated with Twitter.

Centrl is practical: Connect with your friends easily. Communicate with them for free (no text messaging or SMS charges). Discover events, favorite places and special money saving offers around you.

Centrl is convenient: You can easily connect to your social network from your phone (all social networks are supported for this feature).

NOTE: Guys don’t just download. To help other members make sure to post a comment detailing your phone model and working/not working status of the application.

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Download: Centrl v1.0 (590.87 KB)

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