Anderson N-Desk v2.3.1 (Nokia)

| 2018/01/08

Anderson N-Desk v2.3.1 : Nokia Application

Let N-Desk cause you to be love the Nokia phone more. N-Desk would be the best desktop software associated with Nokia S60 phones. It does not take most suitable option to generate your S60 phone superior to iphone! By installing N-Desk, you are able to:

1. Slide your monitor amazingly fast and effortlessly!
2. Alter your applications’ icon placement easily!
3. Choose distinct icon layouts! Supporting A number of rows X 3 tips, 5 X 4, Six X 3 and Half dozen X 4. You might not have noticed this function in a various other S60 desktop soft!
4. Select any color you need! N-Desk can adjust all of the images for the shade you end up picking!

As well as N-Desk is:

One specific. The tiniest S60 desktop application, the bare minimum storage consuming, only 150KB!
Two. The very least memory consuming program!
3. Very good desktop request, never crash inside my check!

Change Log :

1. Incorporating notification of recent messages.
Only two. Adding notification of have missed calls.
3. Adding notice of bluetooth state.
Several. Adding notification of self-protection system.
5. Appropriate for jbk taskman.
6. Final recption menus when N-Desk commences, which in turn saving 1M of one’s phone’s memory.
Several. Updating of the latest installed iphone app icon, and uninstalled application icon.

Supported Devices:

5800XM, N97, N8

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Download: Anderson N-Desk v2.3.1 (176.41 kB)

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