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Auto SIS Installer : Free Nokia Mobile Applications

| 2018/02/17

Auto SIS Installer : Free Nokia Mobile Applications Automatically install applications! How to use: 1, you need to copy all the applications you want to install on E:\ThinkChange\c\ or E:\ThinkChange\e 2, enter the AutoSisInstaller application, press “StartInstall”, it will automatically install all the files in that folder 3, After the process is complete, there would […]

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FIVN Player v2.72 (Nokia)

| 2018/02/16

FIVN Player v2.72 : Mobile Application FIVN Player is created for simple and to work with. It features a great deal of functions, configurations and it supports numerous sound formats. FIVN Player uses phone plug-ins to play sound files. Formats that the player efforts to check if they could be played are: aac, amr, mid, […]

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Emoze (Nokia)

| 2018/02/09

Emoze (Nokia) With thanks to the new Symbian Ould – OS, Emoze is currently completely appropriate for the current refurbished Nokia N8. Currently, this type of application is just not basically support for Htc N8 even so the S60v5 works great with N8. In front of the Ould – update, there was the bug using […]

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Anderson N-Desk v2.3.1 : Free Nokia Mobile Applications

| 2018/02/08

Anderson N-Desk v2.3.1 : Free Nokia Mobile Applications Let N-Desk make you love your Nokia phone more. N-Desk might be the best desktop software for Nokia S60 phones. It is the best option to make your S60 phone better than iphone! By installing N-Desk, you can: 1. Slide your screen amazingly fast and smoothly! 2. […]

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Nokia Color Detector (Nokia)

| 2018/02/07

Nokia Color Detector  : Nokia Application With color detector uncover the name and RGB rule from the colors surrounding you. Begin the approval and point abdominal muscles center cursor on the color you would like Of great help for professionals like designers, designers while others that require a simple RGB research. Color Detector runs merely […]

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Chess Clock : Free Nokia Mobile Applications

| 2018/02/02

Chess Clock : Free Nokia Mobile Applications     You are a high class player? With these advanced digital chess clock timer can be set separately for both players, set the waiting time and suspend the clock.  

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Tap 2 Screen : Free Nokia Mobile Applications

| 2018/01/31

Tap 2 Screen : Free Nokia Mobile Applications     Capture screenshots on your symbian S60v5 mobile phone with just 1 tap, Tap2Screen. Set position (x,y), size, transparency of the button, image format, quality of the image, add a watermark… For Exit from the application, just hold the button.  

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Antivirus Software And Security Application

| 2018/01/28

Top 10 Antivirus Software And Security Application       1-Kaspersky Mobile Security       Greetings everyone! I brought you today one of the finest anti virus – anti theft engine for your smartphones. Yes, as the title suggest, I am precisely talking about Kaspersky Mobile Security 2008 for handhelds and mobile phones of […]

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TTPod v4.20 : Free Nokia Mobile Applications

| 2018/01/23

TTPod v4.20 : Free Nokia Mobile Applications     New version of powerful music player, now with S^3 devices support! Key features: ● Full support for S^3 and S60v5 devices ● Special interface for control using touch screen ● Supported formats: MP3, AAC, WMA and M4A ● Built-in equalizer ● Sound fade, stereo widening and […]

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MumSMS Plus V5.07.430 (Nokia)

| 2018/01/21

MumSMS Plus V5.07.430 : Nokia Application MumSMS+ is a brilliant powerful software that offers an good way to protect your current private and confidential mail messages inside your mobilephone. Your entire sensitive SMS/MMS which include sent,received and draw up messages may be hidden routinely by picking a proper report. Your hidden messages are usually saved […]

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Bt File Manager (Nokia)

| 2018/01/19

Bt File Manager : Free Nokia Mobile Applications Bluetooth File Manager regarding Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is surely an application to be able to browse and copy documents off their devices. Here are a few screenshots in the application. The application form supports several languages also it makes wireless file transfer super easy. You’ll be able […]

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ActiveFile V1.42.1 (Nokia)

| 2018/01/17

ActiveFile V1.42.1 : Nokia Application ActiveFile can be a FREE software to browse most folders and data files inside your cellphone. Essential Features: * Record sorting by title, extension, uid, size, time, and ascending, climbing down from * Full record management with duplicate, move, rename, eliminate, make directory, create file, file attributes, and hang up […]

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WeFi Application : Free Nokia Mobile Applications

| 2018/01/16

WeFi Application : Free Nokia Mobile Applications If you’re tired of clicking around trying different Wi-Fi connections to find one that works – You want WeFi. WeFi is software loaded onto your laptop or mobile device. It automatically detects and qualifies all Wi-Fi access points within range and connects you to the spot with the […]

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Toshl : (Nokia)

| 2018/01/10

Toshl : Nokia  Application Toshl can be an amazing expense operations application. The functionality developed in to this particular application manages your expense worries. I’ve during the past reviewed this application and from now on there are several extra list of features included in this application to increase improve the entire consumer experience. They are […]

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FolderPlay v1.2 (Nokia)

| 2018/01/09

FolderPlay v1.2 : Nokia Application FolderPlay (Free) is surely an audio program for Symbian OS, that gapplessly assumes back a subset using the directory structure with positioning on lossless formats and sports ths following audio file kinds: WAV, LPCM, FLAC, APE/MAC, AC3, MP3. Designed for S60 3rd impotence. FP1 or newer Symbian OS. Facilitates and […]

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Anderson N-Desk v2.3.1 (Nokia)

| 2018/01/08

Anderson N-Desk v2.3.1 : Nokia Application Let N-Desk cause you to be love the Nokia phone more. N-Desk would be the best desktop software associated with Nokia S60 phones. It does not take most suitable option to generate your S60 phone superior to iphone! By installing N-Desk, you are able to: 1. Slide your monitor […]

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