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AndroZip Pro File Manager (Android)

| 2018/02/20

AndroZip Pro File Manager (Android) Model: HTC T-Mobile G1,The brand new htc T-Mobile G2,HTC Hero,Basic Mobile DSTL1,Highscreen PP5420,Sony ericsson smartphone XPERIA X3,Huawei U8230,Philips V900,Moto Heron,Motorola Sholes,Motorola Morrison,Browse the Galaxy I7500,Samsung InstinctQ M900,Motrola Sawgrass,Lenovo LePhone,LG Ally,The newest htc T-Mobile G4 (Tattoo),Htc desire handset(Congratulations),Htc legend mobile phone (G6),Sony ericsson smartphone XPERIA X8,Sony ericsson smartphone XPERIA X10,HTC Wild […]

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CPU Master Pro v2.0.4 (Android)

| 2018/02/18

CPU Master Pro v2.0.4 (Android) Description AnTuTu CPU Grasp is often a tool associated with changing the Computer speed with a grounded Android Mobile Phone/Pad. Automated detection CPU’s available frequencys, don’t really should manually choose. Computer Master’s widget demonstrate the CPU together with battery stats, and alter the CPU rate faster and. Be aware: Root […]

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Vision Test v1.2 (Android)

| 2018/02/18

Vision Test v1.2 (Android) Explanation: Eyesight Analyze v1.Two regarding Android os, free of charge android os applications, the brand new htc android os applications cost-free: You might be one of the 40% of people which haven’t experienced how well you see examined during the last Couple of years in addition to while you believe they’re […]

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Perfect Ear Pro v2.1 (Android)

| 2018/02/17

Perfect Ear Pro v2.1 (Android) Version: 2.1b Information A simple and exciting tool that will aid equally professional musicians and those that consider music a pursuit grow their musical headsets. – 8 Exercising types – Customised Exercises – Range Viewer – Distinct instruments and beginners guitar skins – Increased and configurable interface — No ads […]

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Document Scanner (Android)

| 2018/02/16

Document Scanner :Free Mobile Android Applications tdModel: HTC T-Mobile G1,HTC T-Mobile G2,HTC Hero,Huawei U8230,Philips V900,Motorola Heron,Motorola Sholes,Motorola Morrison,Samsung Galaxy I7500,Samsung InstinctQ M900,Motorola Sawgrass,Lenovo LePhone,Motorola FlipOut,LG Ally,HTC T-Mobile G4 (Tattoo),Htc desire mobile phone(Bravo),HTC Legend (G6),Sony ericsson smartphone XPERIA X8,Xperia x10,HTC Wildfire(G8),Samsung Samsung galaxy s (GT-I9000),Htc desire mobile phone HD,Motorola Milestone,Motorola Milestone 2,Droid X,Motorola Atrix 4G Description: […]

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SetCPU for Root Users v2.3.2 (Android)

| 2018/02/15

SetCPU for Root Users v2.3.2 (Android) Description SetCPU can be a instrument for changing the particular CPU settings (good at overclock and underclock) over a grounded Phone, Google android nexus one, G1, G2, Browse the Samsung galaxy s, myTouch 4G, Motorola Motorola xoom, a treadmill of several additional devices to enhance efficiency or save battery […]

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Honeycomb Launcher Donate (Android)

| 2018/02/14

Honeycomb Launcher Donate : Android Application Description This can be basically the clone with the investment launcher from Honeycomb. This Honeycomb launcher was made to develop virtually all products which may have Android Only two.1 and mentioned before. What exactly is Honeycomb? Well, it is really an Android update that’s far ahead and lots of […]

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| 2018/02/14 Lab Pro v1.0.2 (Android) Description Laboratory – FREE Image Fun Generator in your pocketbook! A lot more than 400 great effects on your pictures! With Laboratory you can actually create entertaining photomontages, cool contact symbols, animated effects, electronic postcards and call wall papers! You are going to love somebody friendly interface along […]

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Hack Proof Password Manager (Nokia)

| 2018/02/13

Hack Proof Password Manager : Nokia Application I have already been looking for the best application that will store information and guarded by simply password. I’m certain that there are some of these around but that one is completely free. It’s called Hack Resistant Password Manager. Determined by the name, it’s hacked proof, though I […]

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AndroZip Pro File Manager v1.5 (Android)

| 2018/02/10

AndroZip Pro File Manager v1.5 (Android) Description AndroZip File Director works as document manager, archive boss, app backup, Process manager, search records, app installer, distribute files, app tech. Use archives: Squat, RAR, 7ZIP, GZIP, TAR, BZIP2 Create Scoot,TAR,GZIP Has multiple/batch proceed, copy, delete, generate ZIP Installs so that you can Sdcard (app Two SD) Follow […]

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Paper Camera v1.2 : (Android)

| 2018/02/07

Paper Camera v1.2 : Free Android Mobile Applications Description Real-time cartoon in addition to painting effects decorated in your camera movie feed!! Start to see the globe via a new, authentic, stylish and fascinating lens, have a very speculate in the home and find out exactly how cool is currently your own personal world in […]

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Tiny Flashlight and LED (Android)

| 2018/02/06

Tiny Flashlight+LED : Android Applications Model: HTC T-Mobile G1,The new htc T-Mobile G2,HTC Hero,Huawei U8230,Philips V900,Talkabout Heron,Motorola Sholes,Motorola Morrison,New samsung Galaxy I7500,Samsung InstinctQ M900,Moto Sawgrass,Lenovo LePhone,Motorola FlipOut,LG Fically,HTC T-Mobile G4 (Tattoo),Htc desire mobile phone(Bravo),HTC Star (G6),Sony ericsson smartphone XPERIA X8,Xperia x10,The new htc Wildfire(G8),Samsung Samsung galaxy s (GT-I9000),Device HD,Moto Milestone,Motorola Motorola milestone phone 2,Droid Times,Motorola […]

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Barcode Scanner v2.93 (Android)

| 2018/02/05

Barcode Scanner v2.93 (Android) Description: Barcode Code reader v2.93 for Android cellphone, free android software, htc android applications free: Scan barcode scanners on CDs, guides, and also other products, look up prices as well as reviews, or look for a word inside a publication and locate where it takes place. You may also scan Quick […]

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DeaDBeeF Pro v1.0.6 (Android)

| 2018/02/04

DeaDBeeF Pro v1.0.6 (Android) Description Player that could play many report formats + online stereo (shoutcast) this can be a Pro variation (without ads) functions: * multiple playlists – equalizer with 10 groups and presets * gapless play-back * viewing tunes file tags as well as album art 1 . replaygain * shuffle monitors and […]

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Announcify V1.0.3.4 (Android)

| 2018/02/03

Announcify V1.0.3.4 (Android) Description: Announcify V1.0.Several.4 for Android operating system, free android programs, android business software free: Would like to know what’s happening without investigating your present phone? Announcify! Announcify (formerly known as SayMyName) reads aloud the specific caller’s name. ATTENTION: Replacing from SayMyName to Announcify could cause a lose of your previous configurations! What? […]

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Meridian Media Player Pro (Android)

| 2018/02/02

Meridian Media Player Pro (Android) Version: 2.1.1 Description REQUIRES Meridian Marketing Player Autonomy. There’s no need to buy again in case you have paid by Paypal! Discover Meridian Media Player’s specialist features (Visit to acquire more information): – Can make neighborhood image for recording art – PlayQ-dependent previous played position — When playing, touch […]

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