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MusicStopper v1.60 for 5800 :Free Nokia Mobile Applications

| 2016/10/25

MusicStopper v1.60 for 5800 :Free Nokia Mobile Applications Thanks to the thought of A.R.A (pesiran) and to the fantastic work he did for the app, here today for you the new version of MusicStopper, the 1.60! What’s new in this new version? You can see all the changes immediately! MusicStopper v1.60 The graphics of the […]

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XIMs Wisdom Quotes FULL : Free Nokia Applications

| 2016/10/13

XIMs Wisdom Quotes FULL : Free Nokia Applications Name: XIMs Wisdom Quotes FULL v1.00 This app is a collection of 5001 interesting and amusing facts just about anything in the world

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Stretch On-the : (Android)

| 2016/09/26

Stretch On-the : (Android) Description: Android Loosen up On-the-Go v1.0, free android operating system apps, htc android operating system applications free: Stretches are necessary to alleviating muscle tightness and improving flexibility. Stretch-On-the-Go will probably be your step to keeping limber while at the job, journeying or even in the home. Use the illustrations and manuals […]

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Funny Belle Fart (Android)

| 2016/09/25

Funny Belle Fart (Android) Funny Belle Fart v1.0.1, free android apps, htc android free apps: make use of this software play Fart sounds, support different kinds of ‘Belle’ Fart sounds.

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Comic Reader (Android)

| 2016/09/24

Comic Reader (Android) Comic Reader Mobi V2.One particular.6, free android operating system apps, htc android operating system applications free: Should you would rather read Witty then this is good for you! Simply tap in regards to the text along with the Intelligent Lens (Patent Pending) will start up sized for the text stop! Features: Full […]

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Vision Test v1.2 (Android)

| 2016/08/29

Vision Test v1.2 (Android) Explanation: Eyesight Analyze v1.Two regarding Android os, free of charge android os applications, the brand new htc android os applications cost-free: You might be one of the 40% of people which haven’t experienced how well you see examined during the last Couple of years in addition to while you believe they’re […]

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Nokia Color Detector (Nokia)

| 2016/08/20

Nokia Color Detector  : Nokia Application With color detector uncover the name and RGB rule from the colors surrounding you. Begin the approval and point abdominal muscles center cursor on the color you would like Of great help for professionals like designers, designers while others that require a simple RGB research. Color Detector runs merely […]

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Paper Camera v1.2 : (Android)

| 2016/08/19

Paper Camera v1.2 : Free Android Mobile Applications Description Real-time cartoon in addition to painting effects decorated in your camera movie feed!! Start to see the globe via a new, authentic, stylish and fascinating lens, have a very speculate in the home and find out exactly how cool is currently your own personal world in […]

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Barcode Scanner v2.93 (Android)

| 2016/08/18

Barcode Scanner v2.93 (Android) Description: Barcode Code reader v2.93 for Android cellphone, free android software, htc android applications free: Scan barcode scanners on CDs, guides, and also other products, look up prices as well as reviews, or look for a word inside a publication and locate where it takes place. You may also scan Quick […]

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Chess Clock : Free Nokia Mobile Applications

| 2016/08/15

Chess Clock : Free Nokia Mobile Applications     You are a high class player? With these advanced digital chess clock timer can be set separately for both players, set the waiting time and suspend the clock.  

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Make Your Clock Pro : (Android)

| 2016/08/09

Make Your Clock Pro : (Android) Description IMPORTANT: If wall clock NOT UPDATING be sure you UNINSTALL TASK Great and/or Get in touch by e-mail. Build your individual wall clock widget design. Supreme solution for those desltop modders. You could make either simple text-based or full functions text based wall clock on your own. In […]

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Good Morning v2.3 (Android)

| 2016/08/07

Good Morning v2.3 (Android) Description: Hello v2.Three or higher.2 for Android cellphone, free android software, htc android applications free: Hello is a bit more compared to a talking alarm; it’s actually a personal wake-up helper. It may play a sound lesson and focus time, evening out, weather forecast, diary entries, plus a customized message of […]

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Tiny Flashlight LED v3.9 (Android)

| 2016/08/06

Tiny Flashlight LED v3.9  Android Application Description: Tiny Flashlight+LED v3.Nine.9.2 with regard to Android, free android os apps, android instrument apps free: Unbelievably simple, yet very beneficial flashlight application Torch to your device! Amazingly simple and easy yet very helpful flashlight application. Make use of your device’s photographic camera LED like a flashlight. Tiny Flashlight […]

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JEFIT v3.3 : (Android)

| 2016/07/28

JEFIT v3.3 : Free Android Applications Description: JEFIT v3.3.0113 regarding Android, free android os apps, htc android os apps free: Exercise Planner with countless workout exercise. Wise workout logs. Connect how well you’re progressing with Computer system. Charts for monitoring workout and the entire body numbers Workout 1RM,BMI Super-set workout Bodybuilding/weight training/fitness App Created by […]

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BeMeMorse v1.5 (Android)

| 2016/07/26

BeMeMorse v1.5 (Android) Description: BeMeMorse v1.5 for Android cellphone, free android apps, android operating system tool apps free: Variation: 1.5 Translates Language to Morse and vice-versa. This application might just keep your life. Stuck inside the snow, lost in the evening or simply to flash somebody over the room. V1.2: A great deal more support […]

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Paint Pad : Free Nokia Mobile Applications

| 2016/07/06

Paint Pad :  Free Nokia Mobile Applications     This application is another way of showing what a Nokia 5800 can do with its touch interface. I reviewed another application like this called Mobile paint. See previous post. Paint pad is much similar to Mobile paint with added features and tools. I want to start […]

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